Buffalo Field Testing

The Buffalo
Here she is!

The OSP team went out to have some fun and get some pictures showing just what the SaberMaxx can do. A nearby friend has a buffalo farm, and we headed over one rainy day to harvest one. If you’ve never taken down a buffalo before, it’s easier said than done; these animals are simply impressive. They stand almost six feet tall at the shoulder, and are FAST! Their fur and hide are nothing to snicker at either. All in all, a buffalo makes a great trial animal to see how a broadhead performs; they don’t leave much room for error. 

Kevin placed a beautiful shot into our buffalo’s ribcage, and the SaberMaxx just did its thing, taking a chunk out of the rib as it went (see picture below). The blood trail was outstanding (again, see picture), albeit short… the buffalo didn’t go far before dropping. 

We had an onsite butcher cut it up quickly so we could get a good clean look inside, and here we are: pictures that say a thousand words! 

Take a look yourself! 

Wound Size
That’s the wound channel, SaberMaxx’s signature
Bone Cutting

Check out how the SaberMaxx just ripped by that rib!

Blood trail

Even if she'd gone farther, I still don't think we'd have had trouble finding her.

Bloot Trail (mud)
Even in the thick mud that was everywhere, the blood was easily seen


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5 Responses to Buffalo Field Testing

  1. Jay M. Levell says:

    Looks like The Ultimate Broadhead! I USED to love the RazoRing Broadhead, but you folks did it better by making it serrated. I am going to order some in 2 weeks when I get paid. There cannot BE a better broadhead than Saber-Maxx. Why anybody would use anything else but Saber Maxx is beyond me. Later, Jay! Nice looking buffalo. Alaska has monster sized Moose and Buffalo. I been here since 1981. Yeah!

  2. Maryln says:

    Couldn’t be composed any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He consistently kept discussing about this. I will send this blog post to him. Really sure he will have a very good read. Thanks a lot for discussing! Respectfully, Maryln.

  3. Dan says:

    It works on big bull elk.

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