Tried and true SaberMaxx broadheads make an impression

Wound from the SaberMaxxTried and true SaberMaxx broadheads make an impression

Recently, Outdoor Sports Products received this letter and images from Tony George, an avid hunter from Centralia, IL:

“I’ve tried most all of the popular brands of broadheads, but have had limited success following blood trails and locating downed deer. I decided to try your new SaberMaxx broadheads after reading about them in a hunting magazine. Let me just say that from now on I will only use SaberMaxx broadheads for my hunting. Out of the three broadheads I initially purchased, I had two kills within three days! Neither deer traveled more than sixty yards after being hit.

Tony's deerThe massive wound created from the SaberMaxx allowed for a blood trail like I have never seen before. The wound was similar to that created by a shotgun slug, only twice the size! These are without a doubt the best broadheads on the market!”
Tony George
Centralia, IL

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  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

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