Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there replaceable products for your broadheads?

A: Both CoreMaxx and SaberMaxx have replacement blade kits available, with enough blades to replenish four broadheads.

Q: Do the CoreMaxx and SaberMaxx work on standard broadhead targets?

A: Yes, but the lethal nature of the broadhead may cause damage to traditional broadhead targets.

Q: How does the flight stabilizer ring affect flight?

A: The flight stabilizer ring helps to ensure repeatable trajectory of the arrow, enabling interchangeability between field tips and CoreMaxx/SaberMaxx broadheads.

Q: Does the CoreMaxx/SaberMaxx really improve the blood trail?

A: Yes, the 3/4-inch stabilizer ring leaves a .750 caliber wound channel.

Q: How does the SaberMaxx perform when it comes in contact with bone?

A: The SaberMaxx is designed to deflect off of bone and continue penetration. If it hits bone head on, the hardened ring is designed to snap, and cause the rest of the arrow and blades to deflect and continue penetration.

Q: What are the primary differences between the CoreMaxx and the SaberMaxx?

A: The SaberMaxx comes with a non-reflective finish, and has a hardened core channel ring. However, both include fur-penetrating serrations.

Q: Can the CoreMaxx/SaberMaxx handle bigger-boned animals?

A: Yes, we have customers that hunt all kinds of animals, including elk, black bear, buffalo, mountain lion, pig, bighorn, whitetail, and mule deer.