OSP Solar Camp LampPrice: $29.97

OSP Solar Camp Lamp

With additional dynamo charging feature. Sold 1 per box

Great for emergency preparedness, camping, and outdoor activities. At only 8.1 oz, 7.25" tall and 3" in diameter, the OSP Solar Camp Lamp is perfect as a lightweight backpacking tent light. With three forms of charging, solar, cranking dynamo, or car charger, your lamp is always ready to go. Only one minute of cranking will create enough energy for 6 to 8 hours of light. Or, just let the light charge during the day while you're hiking, and it's ready to go at night. White LED lights give 56 lumens, and have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Also comes with adapter plugs that fit most Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola cell phones.

ATuffy ALX 2008 Tent w/large rain fly

ATuffy ALX 2008 Tent w/large rain fly

This unique tent, with its state-of-the-art pole structure, is designed to offer maximum utility and convenience. It is constructed with the finest materials available and is designed to be put up in less than sixty seconds. With very little practice, the owner can erect the tent within 60 seconds, and the rain fly can be attached in 90 seconds or less.

The poles are part of the tent and cannot be misplaced or lost. Each pole is sectional with a shock cord in the center to cause it to snap together, quickly and easily. There are two entrances, each with a full door flap and a full screen panel. Each door flap and screen panel has two duble pull sliders - this permits the user to raise or lower each flap or panel as desired for maximum privacy and ventilation. Also, the two entrances make it much more convenient to enter and exit the tent.

An oversized carry bag is furnished with each tent. Bungee loops are provided for tent and for rain fly - to hold each of them in a tight roll.

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Vestibule for ATuffy ALX 2008 Tent

Tent Vestibules

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