Sequoia Backpack

ATV Mega Pack

The Sequoia's unique dual pack system is like having two backpacks in one. The Sequoia has both a day pack, and an overnight pack that zip together, offering the hunter an option to pack in with full gear, camp, then carry only the daypack with necessities for a day's adventure.

The multifunctional use of Sequoia also provides an ergonomic fit for long hikes. The day pack can be worn on the chest of the hunter while attaching to the larger inner-frame pack which is worn on the back.

  • An Inner-frame design ergonomically provides comfort while carrying your gear.
  • The sleek design offers better balance because the pack hugs your body and does not bounce around throwing you off balance.
  • The inner-frame backpack enables better maneuverability. The pack is not as wide as an external frame backpack, so tight spots (hiking through rocks or trees) easier to maneuver through.

Available in Camo pattern color not shown here.

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