SaberMaxx 3 Pack Price: $40.00

SaberMaxx Broadhead

SaberMaxx carries all the benefits from it's predecessor, the CoreMaxx, but with increased hardness and strength to the Saber ring, using patented technology. The serrations are crafted to increase ability to cut through fur, feathers, and hide. With increased bone management capability, and heat-treated for durability, the SaberMaxx has a .75" cutting ring and 1 1/8" tip-to-tip blade cutting diameter. It comes in the 100-grain weight.

CoreMaxx 3 Pack Price: $38.00

CoreMaxx Broadhead

CoreMaxx is a high-quality broadhead. We formulated a custom extrusion of proprietary blended metals that have strength, flexibility, hardness and weight considerations. The ring and blade serrations have a carefully crafted pitch and are sequentially positioned to maximize penetration yet flow silently through the air providing maximum impact and the ultimate wound channel. The serrated cutting ring cuts a .75" hole, while the blades have a 1 1/8" tip-to-tip cutting diameter. It comes in 100-grain weight.

Goosejuce (24oz) Price: $52.13


An instant frost repellant for your decoys. Goosejuce's patented formula protects your decoys from frost for up to 14 days. This product is environmentally safe and easy to use. Our proprietary formulated ingredients are also non-toxic to the environment and nature.


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